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Displaying sermons from 2019:
Date    Preacher    Title    Audio File
Thurs 18 April 2019    Paul Davies    Maundy Thursday    Listen
File size: 14.7 Mb
Sun 14 April 2019    David Hughes    Palm Sunday – Mark 11:1-11    Listen
File size: 34.1 Mb
Sun 07 April 2019    Paul Davis    Review of Daniel. Daniel 11 v2-13 & 36-45    Listen
File size: 15.2 Mb
Sun 31 March 2019    Leigh Smith    Mothering Sunday    Listen
File size: 10.5 Mb
Sun 24 March 2019    Paul Davies    Daniel 9    Listen
File size: 19.3 Mb
Sun 17 March 2019    Nich Humphreys    Daniel 7:1-18 Truth Revealed    Listen
File size: 17.9 Mb
Sun 10 March 2019 am    Nick Humphreys    Daniel 6 – Giving our all    Listen
File size: 33.3 Mb
Sun 03 March 2019    Martyn Skinner    Daniel 5    Listen
File size: 26.6 Mb
Sun 17 February 2019    Paul Davies    Daniel 4 v 28-37: Sovereignty and Faithfulness in Uncertain Times    Listen
File size: 29.4 Mb
Sun 10 February 2019 pm    Paul Davis    Teaching Service: God's Big Biblical Story    Listen
File size: 44.3 Mb
Sun 10 February 2019 am    Kate Hydes    Daniel 3: Bow down or Burn up- Faithfulness in faith in uncertain times.    Listen
File size: 14.8 Mb
Sun 03 February 2019    Nick Humphreys    Daniel 2    Listen
File size: 23.8 Mb
Sun 27 January 2019    Nick Humphreys    Daniel 1: Dare to be different.    Listen
File size: 22.1 Mb
Sun 20 January 2019    Paul Davies    An Introduction to Daniel – Reading Psalm 137    Listen
File size: 26.8 Mb
Sun 06 January 2019    Nick Humphreys    Shining in the darkness :- Philippians 2: 12-18    Listen
File size: 18.5 Mb