THE VISION: Hearing God!

As a church we have just refreshed our vision and in this we identify where we are going.

We seek to be a community of believers that GROWS in God, CONNECTS with others and SERVES one another.

Having this in mind, we are seeking in the Autumn term, to hold four sessions looking at hearing God, these teaching sessions will be held once a month and aid us as a church in growing with God.

The material we are going to use is produced by CWR so if people wish to be part of this please sign up to ensure that we get enough material for you. If you want to attend a donation of £4 would be appreciated to cover the cost of materials.

The termly plan is that these sessions will be held on the second Sunday evening of the month at church from 7pm until about 8pm, these evenings will be book-based discussion. The first of these sessions is Sunday 9th September. Each evening will include refreshments, small group discussion and group feedback. The four sessions are about how we tune into the following areas – The Heart of God, The Ways and Works of God, The Voice of God and The Wisdom of God.

This is open to any attendee of Bourne Baptist Church no matter how long you have known Jesus (it’s about GROWING with GOD) from the older youth upwards.