Sovereignty and Faithfulness in Uncertain Times

We live in uncertain times. Politically, whatever we think of BREXIT, it is causing uncertainty and anxiety; among business, among students, among EU and non-EU nationals living in the UK and among ordinary citizens. World politics is also uncertain. Having an unpredictable president in Washington, Moscow and Beijing all at the same time is alarming. Uncertainty in the Middle East with problems between Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Palestinians and Israel adds to the insecurity. This doesn’t even take into account the problems of climate change!

As a community, we also have our uncertain times, with illness in our fellowship, changes in personnel in leadership and financial pressures all add to this uncertainty. Finally, personally, we also face difficult times. This may take the shape of ill-health, family pressures, job insecurity or finances.
The book of Daniel finds the ancient world in turmoil, the political balances were changing, bringing uncertainty to every part of life. The people of Israel were also facing insecurity after the trauma of exile [see below for more details]. Personally, Daniel and his friends were also facing massive challenges to live in a world hostile to God’s covenant.

So how did they face these challenges and what can we learn about our own responsibilities in this context?

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